Auto redial a telephone number

Hi all. Is there an app that allows me to automatically dial a number until it answers?


Are you intending to annoy the hell out of someone? :rofl:

Yeah! I have a lot of time to spend on this :wink: Seriously, I understand the point but I am working with a public office where the staff are used to not answering. Last time I had to call back repeatedly for over an hour before someone answered me. They told me the phone is in an empty office so it’s hard for them to hear when it rings … and I believe it, of course.

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I imagine you could write a short script to dial repeatedly* from your computer’s terminal, so it might also be possible to use the terminal emulator in Android to do the same. If you find some working syntax, be sure to post it here (sanitized, of course).

*Be aware that if using a VOIP account for this, it might tend to make your provider rather peevish. (It might look like robocalling.)

P.S. Have you searched for “auto dialer” or something like that in F-Droid or App Lounge? I think you’ll find several hits.

Yes, I wrote here in the forum because I did not find anything. Did I miss something?!? (i could try to install this but i prefer to avoid installing app from .apk file)

Check these out: These Auto-Redial Apps Can Call Busy Phone Lines Over & Over Again for You Until You Get Through « Android :: Gadget Hacks

You might also search F-Droid for open source alternatives.

Hi @trigg3r your “this” … :scream: – seems to point to Auto Redial from lithiunS – mentioned in @Taurus’s review, also available in App Lounge; this might be the correct exodus report for ru.lithiumS.autodialer – εxodus | Auto Redial – but you are right to be wary!

Exodus does list a number of apps with the name Auto Redial.

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