Auto unlock when correct pin or password are written... no need to tap the enter after writing the pin or password

pretty much what the title says
in stock os you can type the pin or password and the screen will automatically unlock after you press the last character of the pin or password.

in e OS we are obliged to tap enter every time and it would be great if the was the option in the settings to toggle between “must press enter after typing password or pin” and “phone unlocks automatically after you finished writing password or pin”

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I think that feature came around with Android 14 finally - … once /e/OS has A14 releases you get the auto-confirm pin unlock

i dunno for custom roms but for one ui 1.0 android 9 it was available… 100% sure
Hope it come to /e/os soon

That feature was available on a Lenovo Tab 8 Gen 3, that must be 2 or 3 years old.

examples given are vendor/proprietary implementations, they can’t be distributed by independent roms.

If a rom doesn’t implement this themselves, it’s up to Google deciding they want to see it in all Androids and it will arrive by the grace of agpl’ed AOSP (on Android 14 based roms):