Automatic Recording of all Calls


I am using a Fairphone 4 with /e/os 0.22-20220224165878

When I make or receive phone calls I am given the option of recording the calls, which creates a *.amr file in Music/Call Recordings

My question is: is it possible for me to record all calls automatically so that I don’t have to manually start the recording every time? I am aware that third-party apps can do this but I would like to know whether it was possible without installing any such apps using only /e/os’s built-in capabilities.

Please see my screenshot for context, I would like the recording to be started automatically at the start of every call without me having to press “Record call”

I used this app a time ago.
I think it has the option to autostart when a phonecall is happening.
But I think on my phone there was an issue, that it only recorded one side.
Maybe it works fine with your device.

As I see hints to Germany here … call recording is illegal in Germany if the other side of the call doesn’t consent to it beforehand.

In more general terms: If you consider call recording, please check your local legislation first.

I am not in Germany, also please note that I am asking a question that is of a technical not a legal nature.

Thank you for your input, i’m already aware of this app and can’t get it to record both sides like you said, I’m really looking for a solution that doesn’t require third party apps

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