Automatically disable Battery Manager

On my G955F (Samsyung S8+) i have problems of hicupping voice through bluetooth connected devices.
I found a solution disabling “Use Battery Manager” toggle under “Settings->Battery->Battery Management” (i hope this path is clear, I’m translating from italian").
I’m searching for a way to automatically switch this toggle, (or at least to do so without having to make a lot of choices) but with poor result at the moment.
Changing user profile does not work, because the option remains the same on all profiles.
System profiles does not have on option for “battery management”.
So far the best way i found is long press the “energy saving” option in quick settings, then in battery setting go to battery management and switch the toggle.

I would appreciate any suggestions,

Many Thanks

Hi, you can try settings - applications - show all appliacations - three dots in top right corner - show system apps - find and open bluetooth (you can use looking glass tool) - battery - switch to unlimited battery use.

If it won’t help, maybe you will be lucky and find some other system app, which is responsible for bluetooth sound and causes the hiccups when it has battery “optimized”.

Sorry, if paths are not exactly clear, I’m translating it from czech :slight_smile: Good luck!

Thanks kosa, i already tryed the steps you suggested for all the applications i known to be involved in bluetooth, but i didn’t obtain any success.
I hope somebody could help me to find the right applications to be disabled.