Automx-0.1.0 error manifest unknown

when I try to install on a new instance (Hetzner CX21) I get the following

ERROR: manifest for not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Any workaround?

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You’re right, Docker repository for automx has been emptied or marked as private :confused:

I opened an issue:
@manoj could you please share with dev team?

Meanwhile, @Epsilon you can copy an existing image from another server: (please include full image name in command). I can provide an archive if you don’t have one.

Hello, some maintenance job did lead to cleanup of this docker container in the ghitlab registry

the automx-0.1.0 tag is now restored :

please note we will move out of this automx container for the selfhost project in favour of something like in a near future, as this automx build is outdated.


Hi @diroots.e,

Thanks for your very quick fix! :smiley_cat:

About future choice: are you aware of this?
There is an active fork and
Also, there is, sponsored by Docker and actively maintained.

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i looked to the monogramm one as per the number of downloads in docker hub, compared to the wdes one
i did see the wdes one, it seems promising.
i did not know the active fork of the monogramm one, thx!

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