AutoUncle app crashes

I have successfully installed AutoUncle from and Google play APK.
However, when opening the application it crashes.
I have also tried to install it from the Aptoide store with the same result.
Any suggestion is welcome but mostly I just want it to work by installing it from the e app store.


Many people - me included - use the Aurora Store app to install apps that are not available in /e/'s Apps store. You can use it to install any apps that are free in Google’s Play Store

  1. Install Aurora from /e/'s Apps
  2. Open Aurora, and choose ‘anonymous’
  3. Search for the app you wish to install

Thank you for your answer.
I will look in to it :slight_smile:
I got it to work by installing an older version from the Aptoide store.
Looks like anything never than 3.1 of this app dont work on e.