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I am new here and I want to switch from android to e os. I have a Fairphone 3, so I think this should work.
However, I am not sure with some of the apps I would like to use. I purchased them from Google Play Store. I have read that I should be able to download the purchased apps using Aurora. But I have also read that it depends on the app whether the pro-features work or not. So maybe somebody has experience with some of the Apps?

Foldersync Pro:
The pro version is available as a standalone app in the store. So I guess it shouldn’t make problems.

Square Home / Aqua Mail
For these app you can buy a “key” in the store. The key is installed as extra app, but I guess it only unlocks features in the free main app and requires some sort of API. So that might cause problems(?)

Locus Map
Has a monthly subscription

YouTube Music
No pro feature but I have heard that it might make difficulties to use YouTube Pro. So the same could be true for YT music I guess.

Not purchased but I often use it and I would like continue using it. So this one is just to be sure but I think it shouldn’t make problems

Thank you in advance for your support!

hello and welcome

are you sure do you
want use e/os?
waze ? it s not realy in this idea.

and i think Waze is the worst .


Hello claudiousse,

The difference between Waze and Google is that I can allow Waze only to have access to my location during app use. Plus it doesn’t know about anything else I’m doing on my phone, so data use is some kind of “transparent”. But I will for sure have a look to alternatives in Aurora. However, I think every navigation app that offers e.g. traffic jam tracking will send the data to servers I don’t control

I’m pretty sure you can do that with Google maps, if you use it without logging in to a Google account.

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Concerning Waze and Youtube music it’s not perfect especially if you don’t want to use microG:

BTW Waze have 3 trackers.

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Correct. It works fine.
You can also buy it directly from the developer.

Nope, no problems fior Square Home (I do not know about Aqua Mail). The key file is standalone with no license checking. Launcher and key work fine. No trackers either.
The dev’s other launcher, Total Launcher + key app, also works fine.

If you do not need the Pro features of YouTube Music you can use other clients such as Vibe Music, Innertune, or ViMusic. Maybe others.

Thank you very much for the warm welcome and the testing efforts! :slight_smile:
So when I got it right, YouTube Music should work with MicroG enabled which would be fine. Waze should work too but as you said it might be a good idea to look for alternatives due to tracking issue. I think then i’ll switch soon after the prerequisites are done (2 factor, backup etc.).
I think for aqua mail it would be easy to find alternatives in case it doesn’t work. But I am happy to hear that Square Home would do!
Thank you very much for the insights!

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