Available MEGA App Update won't Download

Hello again,

I seem to have another issue with the MEGA app again. According to the Apps Store, there should be a new version available, but every time I try to update it, nothing happens. I press the Update button which causes the progress bar to appear, but then it immediately switches back to the Update button again. In the logs, all I can see is this:

DownloadManager: [204] Stop requested with status 404: Unhandled HTTP response: 404 Not Found

Thanks for your help!

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You can open an issue in the gitlab (or comment an existing one if any) and share the logs you catched. Thanks.

Use Aurora for the update

@Anonyme I have filed an issue here.

@harvey186 For now the current version is working, but I will remember to use Aurora in case an update is required and updating from e Apps is still not working.

Thanks a lot for your help!