Average user seeking replies

hi everybody
i’m using /e/ since a few months and this morning i had a complete update of my system (installed on my S9+), wich made me happy in a way even if i hav’nt noticed any change by now … (probably a lot had changed, but at first glance i do not see any difference)
my question is :
Why do i have to request a login via email, when a password would be allright (and prefered) ? I already asked but could’nt see any answer …
there is nowhere in my account management to give me a way to change that…

it would be nice to get the answer to this quite simple question ??

Thanks anyways, have a nice evening ! :wink:

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Hi @humpf I remember your question from earlier! I don’t perceive that issue.

We are talking about forum login? Is your email address particularly difficult to type? Do you not like to use Save my password?

Well yes
I’d like to login using a regular password instead of requiring an email login
Where is the difficulty ? Can’t find how to do that !
Sorry !

Don’t be sorry! I am not certain of our Discourse settings.

There is some merit for knowing you belong to a group where totally unknown individuals who wish to cause trouble and be totally unidentifiable are discouraged, especially in a precarious environment challenging Goliath.

Personally I have faith in e.foundation when they say that my email address will not be published. Other views are expressed here Username vs Name - support - Discourse Meta.

When you go to your Preferences and select the Security section, is there a button “Send password reset email”? If so, try clicking on that.

I do not distrust e/. The point is energy and simplicity. Why will you spend energy (computing and mail transport) just to get me connected I do not understand this.
I can easily remember my pw. It is not even more difficult than checking my mail !! :face_with_monocle::thinking:
Cheers !

I notice you are replying by email. When I want to login to this forum, from PC or my device, it is one click to the https:// , and generally a few microseconds to verify. Is it different for you?

Hum. Replying from my email stoped working I’ll gobonnthecforum

@aibd : sometimes much longer. But my internet is’nt very good…
@ewblen : thanks for this simple efficient reply, this is working fine and i am sorry not to be able to find that by myself :pensive:

well now i have to spend more time reading here and there i suppose (not having too much time lately)

Thanks you everybody