Back at /e/ OS, my humble opinion

I’m back at it after my previous refurbished phone died randomly.
I bought a Fairphone 4 upgrade it and flashed /e/.
Some quick note first :

  • Bliss is still a terrible ripoff of what an iPhone can do.
  • I know it’s not a choice of /e/ but the Android 12 BIG quick settings is bad ( i know this has nothing to do with /e/.
  • I don’t know why maybe it’s the phone but it also might be /e/ (because my galaxy S7 had the same issue) for unknow reasons, all the color are super over saturated, I’ve tried to tune it down with LiveDisplay but it doesn’t work. the blue are super aggressive to the eye the green as well.
  • I know about the terrible choices Google made with Material You design, but this accent color is super aggressive to my eyes and it is very much not a nice color to see on a regular basis, there should be a way to change it even it means having inconsitent colors (which I don’t give a s*** if it mean I can choose less saturated color.

I’m verry curious about that colour saturation issue, having it with two phones now I think there’s might be with some choice of colour caribration. I put that on the oled last time, but the fairphone 4 has a regular IPS screen so I suspect there might be some twiking in the build that tend to saturate colors. messing with LiveDisplay is complicate has there’s no preview of a simple image as most android I had recently. I noticed that the colors gets less aggressive at full brightness But I use my phone full brightness only outside in bright sun, else I’m more under 30%.

Side question I downloaded last version of fairphone which was from december and the last e os build which was from january those this mean I can relock fully and disable OEM unlock ?

Appart from that amazing work since I tried it few years ago, way more stable supports for self hosted nextcloud ( except for jtxboard for a strange reason) . better shops with fdroid integration (having the possibility to add more repo would be awesome
This is so far a great experience and I hope Murena will survive and continue its project.
This is now a great distro and miniG is now really usable.
I was suprise that even eSims worked flawlessy and all. except from some strange color stuff and the launcher this is a great project.

I add a small issue with the app JTX Boards which uses caldav JOURNAL and uses davx but could not detect my “murena account” (which is a self hosted nextcloud) (thank again for this amazing feature, but still had to use davx to setup JTX Board).

Sorry It was a bit allover the place.

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One of the first things I do, is changing the launcher… :wink:
I have no idea for your saturation problem.
But if you flashed the stable version, you can lock the bootloader and you will receive OTAs. With Dev, better leave it open for upgrades.