Back from my vacation on fuerteventura

Hello dear /e/ team, :wave:

I just came back from a 16 day vacation from Fuerteventura and had my two eOS devices with me for the first time. My GS290 and my Samsung Tab6 Lite. :palm_tree: :whale: :cactus:

Both devices worked wonderfully, I had my Tab6 to import pictures and videos from my Panasonic and my GoPro via WiFi. :iphone:

With Advanced Privacy I had a good feeling in the hotel WiFi and my pictures /videos were perfectly secured in the eCloud. :cloud:

Now Iā€™m sitting at my digital media editing my vacation movie together and Iā€™m just happy. :coffee: :desktop_computer:

Thank you for your commitment and that we can/are allowed to use a great operating system environment. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

with best wishes :heart:


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