Backing up Android to Mac including Apps


I would like to backup everything on my phone. On iOS I would use iTunes for content, and iMazing to have a copy of the apps. What is similar for Android?


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The default way on Android is to backup to your Google account. This option is not available with /e/ because it is a “de-Googled” Android.

The planned solution is to use a program called SeedVault to backup to phone storage or SD card, NextCloud or /e/ cloud account, or attached USB OTG device. That solution isn’t available in /e/ yet, though it isn’t far off.

For now, the best (only?) solution is to backup in TWRP Recovery. Search the forum for posts describing how to do that.

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Thanks. SeedVault looks good, when you say - not far off, do you think it will be ready this year?

I do, but that is only an opinion :slight_smile:

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I think I will wait for that then. I am writing a manual on setting up the phone, the apps that are essential and those that are desirable, System settings etc for me. I can backup much of my data using current apps that I have. I just look forward to SeedVault so I can make complete backups, including the apps themselves, in case they ever disappear from the web.

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