Backup stock android before installing E/OS

Is there a way to backup the stock android before installing E/OS in case I want to sell the phone again one day?
Thanks a lot and have a good day!

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Just keep/backup all files and tools which are necessary to install the stock Android OS again from scratch in case of need.
It also can’t hurt to update this from time to time if the vendor still updates stuff, because important things on the phone might change over time (e.g. the partition layout).

Depending (heavily) on the device in question TWRP might get a mention, too, but nobody can guarantee anything with it. You might restore an OS backup with it and find out that it doesn’t work (either the restoring process or booting the restored OS afterwards) even when you tested it some time before.
Better stick with the official way of the respective phone vendor.

Thank you very much. That is great advise. I was tempted to rely on TWRP.
But how do I backup the official way the phones firmware?
Would it be an idea to just use Odin and this image from Oneplus itself?
Have a good day.

How would you install the stock OS for the device?
There has to be some website which gives instructions and the files to do it. Backup the instructions and the files, and all tools you might need to perform the install.

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Odin is for Samsung device only…


It looks like it going to be easy on the Oneplus
which is nice for a change :slight_smile:
Thanx for your help again
you too @piero

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