Backup to synology nas

I would like to have a local backup for if my phone brakes , gets stolen or lost. I have a synology nas , i did some research and found 2 apps that backup my phone to my nas. Acronis true image and synology drive. But they both have google firebase/analytics .
So my question is ,what is the easiest way to store a backup on my nas? Auto sync is prefered. Offcourse without any trackers.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I just installed Nextcloud on my Synology NAS because it has built-in Apache support, works fine. I set up my /e/ account to point to my own NextCloud install and also set up the Nextcloud app to sync some extra stuff /e/OS doesn’t sync by default.

In the meanwhile, i found an app that does exactly what i want. Smbsync2. To auto sync i need an automate app. I downloaded automate but i have no clue how to let smbsync2 auto sync.

I van try it with nextcloud but info about this is very limited.

Step 1: Install Nextcloud on your Synology NAS (see for example, MariaDB step is optional for single-user instances I guess but would give better performance)
Step 2: Install the Nextcloud app on /e/OS
Step 3: Set up Auto-Upload in the Nextcloud app

Thank u for Ur reply.
I saw this tutorial but isnt this to backup your Nas to your nextcloud instead of nextcloud to Nas?

I followed the steps but im stuck with step 10
I dont see any user named ‘system’
Only 1 administrator & 2 http users.
And i see at ‘inherit from’: /web. I cant change it to ‘none’

Problem solved