Bad Transmission on my Fairphone 3

I’ve noticed today that the signal of my provider is always getting wors from seconds to seconds.

I saw it today for the first time in my car I the connection to the provider was lost ever 5-10 seconds. The connection to the phone was always fine.
I watches the signal symbol next to LTE+ and it went from full to almost nothing.
I don’t know if it is a eos thing or maybe a fair phone issue.

Does anyone have similar connection issues.

It also happens when I was at the red light so wasn’t moving.
I did a call but it was a short one so I’m not sure if I was lucky not to Loo’s the signal or maybe its not a problem at all but maybe just a graphical issue.
Can I somehow monitor the signal strings with an app?

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I don’t know but I always Loo’s signal. This is not normal. I wasn’t moving at all

Reception will not be 100% the same over time even if you don’t move, but anyway …

If this happens frequently in different spots outdoors where you know you should have good reception, then yes, this is not normal.

Indoors, however, this might happen if you’re really unlucky depending on e.g. coverage of the area by your provider, or the building materials used for the structure you’re in (a lot of metal in the walls will hamper reception).

Thanks for the reply. So it is not normal because the signal is very weak, I’m outside in my garden and normally (iPhone) I do have excelent reception.
Is there a way to measure this signal over time?

Are you using your phone in a dual SIM setup?

To which band are you connected when these issues happen? (LTE, 3G, 2G, etc.)

No I have only one sim.installed. I don’t really know what band. LTE and LTE+ maybe others. How can I check that to be sure?

Hi! Did you solve the problem? I have the same issue with a Samsung 9+… I thought it was a problem with the carrier and that they would fix it, but now I’m trying with 2 different phones, same company and the difference is incredible… with my Huawei with stock rom I have 4g high signal, with my s9+ no signal or very little (people have been telling me they couldn’t reach me)… and this is in the capital of the country!