Bank apk and SIP like Grandstream and VPN Wireguard

I dont see any online banking in the Market place for Barclays ,Nationwide,Halifax etc for the builds…
These are banks in UK.
Appreciate if some one updates them instead of manually installing apks.
2) I dont see any sip application like Grandstream Wave or Microsip to make calls.
Also add Wireguard and Openvpn also

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You will all this find in Aurora Store from F-droid. The eAPPS Store is only a client and shows only apks which where uploaded the cleanapk from anyone.
But you can request your apps via Apps store.

by the way, most banking and paying apps are having issues (won’t run) without original goolag play services. So it could be, that you can’t use all your named apps


I installed the Nationwide app from Aurora Store, and it has been working for me with no problems.

You can install Aurora Store from the /e/ Apps store. It gives you anonymous access to all the apps in the Google Play Store. though some of them may not work.

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