Bankid fails when used. Init OK

The above screendump from within Applounge several permissions are required. How can I be sure they are allowed during installation?
There is a communication issue related to the actual use of this app. Problem; can’t figure it out apart from the obvious, i.e. network access from into my phone or app.

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If I understand your question, I can say that in my experience some permissions are not granted by default and the first time the app starts it ask for.
But you can also search for the app permissions in the settings menu of the system (App and notifications->Manage permissions).

I’m not sure if this is the Swedish BankID, but if it is, once you allow all the permissions (especially location), it works well on /e/OS.

Well, unfortunately its Norwegian. I simply ran out of options. Some e/OS-updates ago Vipps didn’t work either. Now that’s ok. So, hopefully around the next corner even this app may start functioning…
Thanks anyway!