BankID has changed its activation procedure, fails on /e/OS

Hi everyone
I’ve been running /e/ on a Samsung S8 for a few years and it’s been great, all apps work as expected. But after a few too many swan dives to the floor I had to get a new phone, in this case a Samsung S10e, on which I installed /e/OS 1.11-s-20230511288805-dev-beyond0lte. Again everything’s been working great, with one exception. So here’s my problem;

I need to run the BankID app for banking, this is a common identification app in several Nordic countries and required for many financial services. Recently they changed their procedure for activating the app, where you have to scan your passport or ID card. Not everyone has to do this currently, people are selected at random, but I’m sure this will be mandatory for everyone eventually. This scanning procedure fails with the popup

Unable to start text recognition. The cause may be that Google Play services hasn’t finished downloading the necessary files yet. Please try again later”

Obviously I’ve tried again later :slight_smile: . Also, I’ve made sure to check if there were any updates to install, there were none. I suppose text recognition is part of Google play, and that MicroG doesn’t support it yet or something. I’m curious to hear what the community makes of this, because I have no idea where to start, who to report this bug to, etc. Has anyone been able to complete activation (including scanning an ID) with an /e/-powered phone?

This is a must-have app for people in my region of the world, and I’m sure more and more people will run into this passport-scanning requirement, so I really hope this can be fixed. Thanks in advance for all comments and suggestions.

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My bank app recently changed. I had to turn off developer mode to get it to work.

Maybe you can ask your bank if it’s possible to come in to an office to verify your ID.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

Thanks, I tried this option, and they told me I have to go to the specific office where I signed up, which is in the other end of the country. So I’d rather not. The other option then is to switch to another bank, which I probably will anyway.

But this is most likely going to be an issue for a lot of people running /e/, so I want to look into fixing the issue properly, if possible.

Did they say that it is definitely possible to verify at your bank office if you would go there?

This issue might be related:

No they did not, and even if they did I wouldn’t trust them on that. Thanks for the link, I’ll look into it.

“Om du saknar svenskt pass eller svenskt nationellt ID-kort utgivna av den svenska Polisen ringer du Kundservice så hjälper vi dig. I enstaka fall behöver du besöka ett av våra bankkontor för att genomföra en fysisk identifiering. Då krävs godkänd svensk ID-handling som visar ditt kompletta personnummer (12 siffror).”

So, yes, it should be possible to get it at your new bank branch.

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Thanks, I sure hope so. I followed the link you gave me and dug around a bit. I can see from the log files that the ‘’ service is not available. It’s a reported issue with microG. From this post it seems like BankID should move to a newer API in the future, though I’m not sure that is covered in microG either.

what is your banking appid specifically - “no.vipps.bankid”?

I see your entry. If you link it to the tridos issue mentioning your appid (or create a new entry) it will show users the issues to be connected if indeed the logcat trips on the same errors. For microG authors it will signal it to be worth looking at the Vision API successor MLKit, currently marvin seems to rearchitecture the location stack

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At the bottom of the app details it says ‘version 7.33.0’ and ‘com.bankid.bus’, is that the app ID?
I’ll try to link or create a new issue for this, but I need to figure out what info I need to give. I’m a bit noob’ish at these things.

Yes, that’s what I have on the Swedish BankID app.

@Anders Have you tried visiting a bank branch office yet for the physical verification and activation code? Any results?

FYI there is a non-profit project by DFRI in Sweden aiming to make a proof of concept for a Free and Open Source e-identity solution: (in Swedish). Might be of interest to people here. Also interesting considering EU’s new eIDAS regulation is incoming.

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