BankID(Norway) and SElinux

Still wondering why BankID fails. Since SElinux controls access to resources it is perhaps part of the problem or indeed solution.
Any comments appreciated.

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I looked at 2-3 existing BankID threads and never saw a logcat. I understand the effort, but it’s without alternative to solve an issue. The app most likely tells what exactly it’s hiccuping on.

The most recent thread on bankID at microg issuetracker is rather dated (2019) - BankID säkerhetsapp-GmsCore-v0.2.7.17455 · Issue #824 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub - so I guess a new log would help

Thanks tcecyk. Your reference appears to be a Swedish link. That version seems to work where as the Norwegian fails.
The source(html) contains little info except “session expired”.
As BankID (org.) tries to connect back to the app it obviously is refused and times out.
How can a log be provided? Can I help?

while you can create a bugreport on-device and let other people look into it, at best you can pinpoint the relevant lines emitted in the moments it fails on your own as in Create a log @/e/ - it’s easier this way.

You’d need to pair a laptop/pc via adb, enable adb debug inside the device and watch the adb logcat output while you navigate to the failing page.

Beside microg, I guess it could also be a webview/bromite issue if it’s occurring at the time of login.

Got the zip-file. Need to edit it, but who can look at it?

SELinux has been mandatory for devices since Android 4.3. See section 9.7 on page 34 here:

It has been mandatory enforcing since 5.0. See section 9.7 on page 59 here: