[HOWTO] Create a log (a bug report) easily without computer

You will find some HOWTOs here on the way to generate a log file (a bug report), but a computer with ADB is needed.
This HOWTO will show you how to generate a bug report in less than 2 minutes the first time, and in a few seconds once you know how to do it.

(My /e/ version is on Oreo, so it might change just a little compared to yours)

Click on an instruction to see related screenshots !

1) Enable Development Settings

1. Open "Settings".


2. Open Settings, go to "System", then "About phone".

3. Find the "Build number" line, and tap quickly on it several times (let's say 10 times). While you do it, you should see a toast message at the bottom of the screen informing you about what you are doing.

4. Enter your password in order to enable the development settings.

5. A toast message confirms that you have enabled the develoment settings. Click on the arrow at the top left to go back to the previous page.

6. You can see a new "Developer options" section.

  1. Click on it to enter in it.

2) Take a bug report

A) With the shortcut

1. In Developer options, find the "Bug report shortcut" line.

  1. Enable this feature.
3. In power menu (hold the power button), you can now see a shortcut to take a bug report.

  1. Click on this shortcut to take a bug report (it works even if you aren’t in Developer options).
5. A little vibration is felt and a notification appears to indicates the progress. Another one comes once it's done.

B) Without the shortcut

1. In Developer options, click on "Take bug report".

2. Select "Full report", and click on "REPORT".

3. A little vibration is felt. A notification appears once it's done.

3) Share the bug report

A) With the Files manager

1. Open Files.


2. Click on the 3 dots on the top right.

3. Click on "Show internal storage" (if there is "Hide your internal storage" instead, it means it's already done).

4. Click on the hamburger button on the top left (or swipe from the left of the screen to the right).

5. Go into "Bug reports".

6. Select the file ending in ".zip" (the "Zip archive").

  1. Share it thanks to the share button next to the delete button.

B) Directly with the notification

1. Tap on the notification to share the bug report.



  1. A) 5. “Bug reports” not displayed. After two trials. I cleared cache and fully restarted app and it is still not displayed. SM-G965F appears.


Thanks for this ‘how to’ I just see now. Works fine for me (e-0.9-n).

Nougat flavor:

@come_744: did you first generate a bug report ? Perhaps there’s no folder if no report…

@Anonyme: spoiled screenshots is a pretty good idea!


Yes I even generated two as I tried a second time when I did not see the item.

“Bizarre, vous avez dit bizarre…”

Mine could be a silly question, but I’m quite unclear when I should submit the report.

When I notice some phone instability or freezing ?
Or when ?
Please explain

The report has to be generated after something happened. It can be a few minutes after an app crashed for instance.

I have two bugs, possibly GPS related. On turning off localization the phone freezes and restarts.

I’ve generated two consecutive bugs, following the above procedure.
But when I’m about sharing I do not really know where I am supposed to mail them.

Should I go to gitlab site and submit them there ?

Yes, you can open a New issue here and attach the zip files to it.

to update the excellent instructions by @Anonyme from 2020 to January 2022 screenshots (dark mode)

Make developer mode visible - enter PIN, then goto Settings → System

Enable developer mode and tap “Bugreport”, create Full Report. Wait a minute until a “tap to share” notification is shown

Bugreports contain sensible data, do not share with the world. A person helping can reduce the report to the relevant log lines and share only those publicly.

If you have a mailaccount setup, share directly or see second section how to find the files again

If you skip the “tap to share” screen and want to find the Bugreport files again. Access via “Files” → “Recent files”.

Make sure to include the ZIP archive when sharing via Mail or copying to a synced Ecloud folder (“Pictures” for example).

(I think a user guide could be added or linked to the adb-only instructions at https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics/create-a-log)