Banking app not working

The aplications and bbvamx are not working on PIE nor in Oreo . Where can I put a request?

Last version worked fine but, when BBVA bank mexico upgrade them don’t open anymore.

Can’t you go back to working version ?

Regarding issue report, pls look here [HOWTO] Report /e/ issues

And could you try this way ? [HOWTO] Installing Banking Apps

How did you update the older working app BBVA México (Bancomer móvil)?

Hi @Archie. I download it from apkpure

Hello @Erekoze,
okay, so you’ve overwritten the older working app BBVA México with this new “apkpure”, right?

Are you absolutely sure that your apkpure-version has the correct version number?

By the way:
You can install the Aurora Store via the F-Droid Store, which in turn offers the banking app BBVA México (Bancomer móvil).

Yes its the right number. I try with an old backup (from last month) and it worked fine.

Good to have a fresh backup … always :+1:t4:

Good to hear that @Erekoze
Moral of the story for all of us do not upgrade apps unless you are sure the upgrade works and also keep a backup ready just in case. This is especially true in case of apps you really need for your daily work.

you’re right @Manoj . The apps are almost unavoidable 'cause the bank is moving all the banking services to the net. :hot_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

My banking app had to be updated to the new version without any ifs and buts. With the older version I could not do any more banking transactions. Even a simple account balance query was no longer possible.

The Banking App uncompromisingly asked me to do an update via the G°°glePlayStore. Otherwise no online banking is possible.

On my replacement device with StockROM Android it was sufficient to install the updated version of the BankingApp.apk (over the old version).

The updated version of BankingApp.apk had to be linked again on my e-0.7-n- phone and verified by QR-Code.

Unfortunately it didn’t work as easily as with @_Erekoze.

Searched on apkpure for the app of my bank and the government identification app I need, found all kinds of apps specific for my country, none of them the real thing from PlayStore. This APKPURE is not trustworthy, maybe even a malicious website.

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Apkpure is a bad choice for downloads. No one knows if the apk is untouched

Thank you all for the advice, @harvey186, @pjmbraet