BBVA Bancomer México "Dispositivo alterado"

Hi, I installed e/OS on a Pixel 3, and most applications work fine. However, the BBVA Bancomer México “Dispositivo alterado”. The bank refuses to give me a physical token (just for a very high fee of 600 MXN/month) but recommends buying me a new, ‘standard’ android phone. Cleary against my philosophy (yesterday, I spend hours exchanging the broken USB-C port: success :wink:)…

I have seen the post

with the success of @Erekoze. would it be possible to share the working version of the program, or ideally patch the actual one?

the thread you link is rather nebulous (install x apk from z). Banks advice it not the worst - having a stockrom phone for incompatible apps.

While it’s not solving the issue, I think it be good to classify why the app doesn’t work. You’ll need to look into the log output of “adb logcat” (see howto) while interacting to see what exactly is failing and attribute or file a new bug at Issues · microg/GmsCore · GitHub - a bbva entry is missing to date.