Basis of /e/OS 1.13 still Android 10


I have a tablet Lenovo TB-X605L.
This Device is a a-only (non-SaR) and the latest StockRom is Android 9.
I was looking for a GSI-Image which is still maintained and which offers a GSI-Image for a-only-Devices.
I found no other GSI-Image which is maintained, so /e/OS is the last GSI-Image for a-only-Devices.
So I installed /e/OS 1.13

Now, I noticed that this OS is based on Android 10.
At wikipedia I read that google doesnt release any security patches for A10.
Latest security patch would be Feb. 2023

How does this going on with /e/OS?


The /e/OS builds on Android 10, Q have not yet officially been declared “finished”, and /e/OS Q continues to be built and distributed to those who would like to use it.

I would really love to have a later android version for the /e/ os gsi as it is unusuable for me on Android 10 because my device’s stock firmware is android 12. I am currently using the unofficial Lineageos gsi.