Basque: missing translation-components and no permission to save translations

I just entered into the /e/ translation platform and saw two problems:

  1. Seems there are missing translation-components on Basque side, such as Apss:

    Is this my problem? Must I do something to have those components?

  2. I have no permission to save translated strings. How do I obtain that permission?

    This also happened to @avtkal

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Yes that’s because you need special rights to be able to save translations.

You can contact Manoj if you want to help with the Basque translation and join the Weblate team (and he will add the missing components). Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @Porru I have added the Basque translation to Apps component. Added Basque to the components where was missing. Let me know in case I have missed any,
I have replied to the mail you sent me . Thanks for helping with the translations.


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I checked the Basque weblate and seems it’s complete, thanks!

Will I already be able to save translations? :slightly_smiling_face:

:slight_smile: I have passed on your info to the team. You should be able to know by Monday.

There’s no missing components between English and Basque, but is there no way to translate Browser app?

No, the Browser app isn’t on WebLate.

And is there any way to translate it, even if translating the forked-from projects?

A more detailed answer :

So, as far as I understand, Browser is based on Bromite, which is as well based on Chromium.

So the solution to the translation could be to translate Chromium, isn’t it?

That’s it.

Honestly I don’t know. If there was a simple solution, I guess it would already have been adopted.

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Hi, is there any news about this? I’m still not able to save translations

I’m asking to the one in charge, will tell you (if needed) once I have the answer.

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Hi @Porru Brittny would be getting in touch with you on this.

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