BAT not claim-able I'm brave

Had I the link to my brave support request, I’d link it, but I’m not finding it and no one from brave has gotten back to me;
I suspect that brave is using something about its installation on my device to infer knowledge that I’m not using “safe” stock android (like a bank app would). I have not tried on desktop or android stock devices, although I do known they were recently having some trouble themselves sending out bat…

Does anyone else have this problem of having bat to claim but finding errors everytime you try?

I’m not using a verified wallet, and I haven’t yet earned enough bat to verify a wallet (which may be part of the problem), but this has been consistent for many months now on multiple devices using /e/…

I’m afraid claiming BAT via currently relies on a Google service, which is not provided via MicroG. Hopefully this changes in the future, but as of now (oct. 2021) it’s still not working.

But there is an ongoing bugreport about it.

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