Battery charging limit settings?

ahoy all,

the non-rooted Teracube 2e with their stock Android 10 comes with battery charging limit already available in the default settings. however even with the latest /e/ OS 0.20 these options are not present on the same phone.

so similar to an older unanswered question Battery charge limit i am wondering if it is possible to enable these options on /e/ without rooting the phone? obviously this feature to extend the life of the battery is one important way to make smartphones more sustainable. hopefully this option can be enabled already, or at the worst done so in the next update.

thanks, w

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There’s no functionality like that explicitly, although I’ve noticed that after I plug my phone in, it’ll charge to 100%, then as I leave the screen on and use it on my desk, it’ll drift down to 80% - 85% and stay there for days. Not sure if it’s supposed to do that, but…