Battery drain and codeaurora.ims

Hello everyone,

(FP4 v1.15-s stable)

I recently have days when the battery drains a lot, typically in one day. The battery settings shows me that “Android System” takes an important role to it, and BetterBatteryStats shows me this org.codeaurora.ims being the main process responsible. See the huge number of wake counts!

I saw on forums that using Gcam could be the reason why this process runs in the background. Does anyone have other opinions or information?


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ims is what’s handling your Calls, thus it will be booking into your carriers systems a lot.

If you feel the battery drain rate is too high, tools that are used here can be more exact or allow for historical comparison:

But to compare you’d need to have the same movement patterns (radio tower handoffs) and call behaviour.

Thanks for the more precise tools @tcecyk.
I recently use 5G with a new carrier provider, maybe that’s related.

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