Battery drain Galaxy s9 - e drive/storage

Dear community,

I searched already in the history as i had this issue somehow memorized in the back of my head but i could not find the fix.

My wife is using my old galaxy s9 with /e/os.
The battery is empty very fast and it seems the e storage is causing it. Up to 65% of battery usage goes to e!!! Also the battery feels unusually warm every now and then.
The phone is running on the latest available version.

Any idea how this can be stopped/fixed/solved?


at least for the stopped: you could disable the file sync itself to see if it improves the battery drain. It’s at

Accounts → username → Account sync → (untoggle) → “Allow files’ sync on metered network” and “Pictures and Videos”

Some users reported not seeing the list with toggles, being unable to disable the entries

For the fixing/solving you’d need to debug why eDrive is draining and check adb logcat / sync db state. A workaround is using the nextcloud client to do the file sync instead until it is resolved.


So it is a known issue just as i recalled it, yes?
That is a pity honestly. Even the workaround and doing adb logs etc.
It is the first degoogled phone my wife is using and this is for sure something seen as an obstacle.

Thus and i am honest here, me being a person interested in tech stuff but i am sure no tech expert, am not sure what my takeaway now is.

Is this indicating i need to reinstall the phone from scratch?
Is this something that will be fixed via an update from /e/ os team?
Is this an indication i did something wrong during setup?

Sorry, i am a bit lost still and sure not capable to read anything from a log file that would help me :slight_smile:

I did now deactivate the sync in the settings btw. Lets see if it help.

not a known issue, but eDrive had bugs before. The workaround is a simple one.

No need to use adb logcat. Only if you’re in a position to debug.

I guess the bug is related to state, you did nothing wrong, no reinstallation necessary.

Using the nextcloud client will be more robust, as the install base is bigger.

I did all that was recommended and yet the result is in my opinion not satisfying.

Isn’t there a general “e drive off button” (next to simply not connect the phone with an account i assume)?

For a service that i think i switched off…it still consumes 15%!!!

Is it because there is a workprofile also active?

I am sure also there all is switched off.

Happy to hear about any solution and or help.

Best regards,

the lower level method is to employ adb to permanently disable the service / uninstall it - adb shell pm uninstall --user 0

Doing it the user-interface way I’m not sure - maybe other readers of this thread can chip in?

  1. you could dissociate the webdav Account, so edrive has no sync target anymore
  2. maybe AppManager can do the eDrive disabling via GUI
  3. you could also purge eDrives caches in the native App manager so whatever state it hiccups on is gone - via … Settings → Apps → show recent Apps → show system (upper right)

Indeed it would be great to understand the issue. As this is not how it should be and would take away one unique feature of e/os ,no?

Thus i am happy to do some tests but as mentioned, i am trying to convince my wife a degoogled life is possible and quite easy these days. The latter point is in danger now:)

@Manoj have you maybe heard about this issue with the galaxy s9?

Btw i saw iode has pushed the s9 to a higher android version. Not saying the old is bad but is this maybe a connection?

Thanks everyone for looking into this!