Battery drain / overheat S9/ android 10

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On a Samsung S9.

Most of the time battery is OK. Every couple of days it gets very hot and eats all the remaining battery in an hour or so.

When not it ‘overheat mode’ the battery will last 8-10 hours.
No particular app shows high usage. Android system uses around 10% of battery.

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I also sometimes (less often) have this impression, with a very hot phone in my pocket with quick battery draining.
But this generally only lasts 10 or 15mn …
Not yet found which app or even if any special (some system process ?) is guilty …

How about looking into Settings | Accu and getting the list of most consuming apps there? Which app is on top when this happens?

Thanks @irrlicht. Of course I keep checking this out every time, but I always get very low % figures from user apps, always consistent with my actual use of them since last full charge.
I recently discovered the “Detailed information” toggle in the menu, and will check it every time then (why on earth is this so complicated to get these so useful battery information details ? to hide stuff in order the user does not get the opportunity to learn things and ask more annoying questions ? pffff … Android is more and more like Windows I fear )

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In my case it’s screen

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