Battery hot on Fairphone 4

Hello everyone,

I own a Fairphone 4 purchased in February 2022 via

Until today I have not had any performance concerns, but since now 1 week, the phone heats very strong (up to 43°C according to the GSam Battery Monitor application) and the battery empties very quickly (reaches 20% after 3-4 hours from 100% full charge) when mobile data and/or wifi are turned on even without using an app.

Have you ever encountered this problem? Can a battery change or system restore solve the problem?

My current OS: Android 11/e/OS 0.23-20220413178020

PS :
in addition, when I switch off mobile data and wifi, the battery temperature falls below 30°C and the battery consumption is quite normal

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Cool, question and answer in one post :wink:

Not for me.
I purchased my FP4 from Fairphone store, then switch to eOS. Newer had this problem. In the Fairphone forum someone else have a similar problem, when charging.
I think it’s a battery problem, not of the phone nor of the OS (I have your same version, 0.23).

thank you for the information, I will try to change the battery.

However, I am not sure that it comes from there because when I touch the back of the phone, it is rather on the upper part that it is hot

You may try to connect it via usb data cable to a computer, enable USB debugging and start adb shell top to check if you find a process running with very high CPU.


It’s not a battery problem. When a device sends data (and sends and sends …) then every battery goes down. We had several threads here, the last one was just a few days ago.

The first approach is always to have a look on the Accu page in the Settings. There’s a menu behind the three dots in the upper right corner which brings you some informations about the accu consumption of your apps.

Then find out why the device is sending so much data. Configure your synchronization settings (I mean: switch this damned synchronization off completely). Check your mail settings. Check other (social) apps handling online data. Check your installed apps about trackers, if you installed apps having trackers you should not wonder they are sending. Install a firewall like NetGuard or Blockada to analyze and to stop this.

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Thanks for the tip, it allowed me to find the problem. I launched top shell adb in USB debug mode and it brought up an application that used 110% of the CPU. I uninstalled it and the behavior of the phone returned to normal, I have a 30°C temperature for the battery with mobile data enabled and sync


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