BBS (Monitor battery behaviour with Better Battery Stats)fe

Hey e folks (@Manoj),

Could you make BBS (BBS (Monitor battery behaviour with Better Battery Stats)
BBS | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository)
part of the OS please? It helped me to get spot my energy consumers. As result I have now some hours additional batter life.

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Is BBS showing proper stats in all sections and has all permissions granted (Settings → Advanced → App Permissions) for you?

I noticed in some cases since Pie, not all necessary permissions are granted even with root. Sometimes an additional Magisk module is required.

Could you describe your BBS setup and if every part is working?

Lots of folks think some useful tool should be included with the ROM. Could wind up with a bloated OS full of “useful” tools. :smirk:

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No, it is not working. I am asking for this becaus I hope it would solve the issues.