BeReal and Google play

When I updated to the latest update of BeReal I get kicked out from the app, with the message “Something went wrong - Check that google play is enabled on your device and that you are using an up-to-date version before opening the app. If the problem persists try reinstalling”
There’s a message on the BeReal website that they’ve begun demanding google play. My MicroG works for all my other applications.
Is there something I need to do here? Are there any other BeReal users here and are you experiencing the same problem?

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That would be related to this thread.
Tested and confirmed on my end.

I assume BeReal is the social network app? There is another app with the same name. In those cases it is good to include package name or dev/author/vendor.

Sorry, yes - it’s a social app.
Package name: com.bereal.ft

Hi again!
I’ve read the thread, but my limited understanding hinders me from descipering what to do. I’ve searched for FakeStore and App Lounge Store in App Lounge and in my system. I don’t understand what to swap out or reinstall.

If you have the time - could you tell me what steps I should take?

Well, there is not really much that can be done on /e/ other than wait for a new build with the fix.

Rooting, installing Play Store(*), or swapping out ‘FakeStore’ comes with many risks. One has to ask if the apps are worth the trouble to keep them working “right now”.

(*) After years of no problems with the patched Play Store, Google found a way to break it(?). Has become unusable for a lot of folks including me.
Not a total loss. Keeping it installed means license checking still works. :yum:

Ok, that’s too bad. I was gonna BeReal me through this vacation!
Ok, I’ll just sit tight then - hopefully there will be a solution for this. I am glad I am supporting this project financially!

Oh, that’s to bad.
I got used to it and,
cause it’s a social app,
liked it to keep contact to people i care.
I hope there will be a solution in (short) time.

This is solved with the latest update to /e/! :smiley:
I am so thankful to the people who makes this project possible!

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