Best call blocker app

Hej !

I wonder what is the best call blocker App please ? Minimum privacy impact of course…
I’ve seen this post What are the best applications (or what you find the best)? List here what you use or recommend! - #45 by nohwann
Is “Yet Another Call Blocker” still the best please ?
But I don’t know if it’s up to date.
Any advice please ?


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I tries NoPhoneSpam and YetAnotherCallBlocker.

I want that only people known in my address book can call me. This is a feature NoPhoneSpam provides perfectly.

Thanks for your reply !
In my case, I want also receive calls from people outside of my address book but not spams…

The question is: how do you recognize unwanted callers?

I think apps like Yet Another Call Blocker have a database of spam phone numbers that is regularly update

Don’t think so. You must build this database yourself by blacklisting every unwanted caller.

It depends of the App, that’s also my question.
Some of apps use a huge databased that is updated by users that report spams…

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Not necessarily. As mentioned, YACB does have a database of known scam numbers and it downloads updates periodically.
Anything else that comes in you manually blacklist. Wildcards are accepted which is cool. Note all the Radius-labeled calls below.


Thanks for your answers guys.
So YACB is a good option regarding to privacy and it has a common databased of spam numbers, right ?

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Also, when set as the default phone app it will catch and block before the phone gets a chance to ring. It does not impact normal functions of call management. What’s not blocked comes through normally.

Regarding that, some dialers like Simple Dialer will “nag” if it’s not the default handler. On GitHub, a user who uses YACB as the default, asked if that behavior could be an option that can be turned off. The dev was dismissive, IMO, saying what’s the point of the dialer if it’s not the default. I added my two cents but it probably won’t matter.

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I just got a call from a number I want to block for the future and now I wonder whether there´s any issue with the built in call blocking feature of eOS phone app or why (for what usecase) would one need an extra app for blocking numbers?

edit: now that I think about it :slight_smile: I understand that an app might make use of a database to enable “block in advance” (or the like)

Since upgrading to 1.11-s my call blocking app doesn’t seem to block calls anymore - NoPhoneSpam. I tried Yet Another Call Blocker and it doesn’t seem to work either. I only need one that can use wildcards because I get a lot of robocalls from the same exchange. Wildcards used to work properly in NoPhoneSpam, and if they don’t work for me in YACB either, then is there something different going on w/ how calls are being handled in S?

Anyone having the same problem, or is there another app I should try?