Best Camera app on s9

Hi I have e on the s9 and was wondering what camera app people out there use. I miss the smooth simple one from android. :sleepy:

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I like (and use) /e/'s stock camera app. I think it is possible to disable Camera2 API on settings to make it simpler — although not much more.

Not sure that it is “simpler” per se, but camera afficianados speak highly of FreeDCam available on F-Droid. Might be worth checking out.

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I find it good for photos but wont work for video. Comes up with a message on the screen saying serious camera error.

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Have you figured out how to make it do slowmotion video?

So maybe you could reference the issue on GitLab. Every issue mentioning that error has been closed (maybe because they are device specific). There is an issue mentioning the S9, but it has nothing to do with video mode.

Hi everyone,
I too have been looking at camera options for S9.
The stock app / Open Camera is pretty good, but falls short in selfie-videos, compared to the old Samsung Camera app.

Just wondering, does anyone know if you can install the Samsung Camera App on /e/ OS? Or is it totally impossible?

Also, has anyone got Google Camera app working?
I know the whole idea is to get away from Google, but it would be good to take awesome photos/videos while blocking the app from connecting to the internet.

Thanks heaps if you can help :slight_smile:

i have the same issue with OPen Camera and i try to install the official SAmsung Camera App. Do you find the solution ? Thank you

something similar than samsung camera app s20 camera…
Seems to be nice for me…