Best communication app in case internet is down(using WIFI / BT)?

Does anyone know what’s the best ‘non-internet’ communication app?
Since WEF speculated about internet disruption, i’m kind of interested to learn the alternatives…

i heard during HongKong protests they used “Bridgefy app”, but that thing is full of trackers.
Via i found only a few non-internet mesh-network type communication apps.

  • Tango SmartMesh - Their site feels like big tech. Correct me if i’m wrong.
  • Talkie - Only works in single WIFI router range(afaik).
  • Briar - I’m not very familiar, but [edit] i was told it supports local wifi and BT connections to contacts, but it doesn’t do hopping networks via WIFI/BT.

Are there any other apps/technologies worth looing at for communicating over an alternative communications network over wifi/BT?

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I think you may be interested in

One benefit of Briar is that it isn’t Bluetooth-only, so it can help let messages reach outside of the “no-internet” area if one person manages to get out of it. See for more detailed.

So it works both when the Internet is shut down, but also helps people “smuggle” messages in and out of such a zone.


Very interesting thread - I was not aware of these mesh networks, thank you.

mm, Looking at the result,
i think the opensource community isn’t able to do what Tango Smartmesh and Bridgefy can do

Maybe the real ether-net is the only viable alternative?
e.g. winlink - sending messages over ham radio

Wow🧐 Amazon Alexa, Echo, Ring etc. devices have been equipped with HAM radio equipment?!

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