Best compaatible phone for /e/os

What is the best compatible phone device branch and easy to install /e/os on?

Check this list of supported devices
I have a Samsung S9 and a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9. Both work perfect.

Models that are or were solded by Murena get the benefit of OTA updates and upgrades when others only gets OTA updates and have to be upgraded via the recovery-manager.

My phone samsung Galaxy A52 is supported and I already installed /e/os 1.20 on it manually but the easy-installer said it’s not a supported phone, how come?

The Easy Installer supports only a subset of devices supported by /e/OS in general …

Semi-automating the install steps for a device and packaging them into the Easy Installer takes quite some effort and testing to make it work halfway safely.

It’s most probably that the easy installer does not support your phone model. Congratulations on doing it manually, that’s the attitude :metal: