Best (multi-)chat client apps

On my computer I use pidgin, which is great for handling multiple chat protocols instead of running a program for each one… Is there an equivalent for android?

Hangouts and Facebook Messenger alternatives would be great, especially all in one. I tried Conversations from F-Droid because I can’t figure out why I’m not getting notifications from Hangouts (sound set and battery optimizations disabled), and so far Conversations is just plug-and-play.

I believe there is also a “better” client for FB.

Anything else? Especially any clients handling multiple protocols?

I proposed this idea on the forum a few months ago. Sadly, no such thing exists. The closest to it is Matrix bridges.

Dear @lel and @Vaughan, i am planning to work on developing this with a few others. If you are interested in helping with dev or with funding acquisition, let me know

Rik that’s great! Sadly I don’t have the resources to help with either currently.

hmm and that’s really not the same thing…

I could help with some testing.