Best open source email client for Windows?

People here seem to have good advice not just related to phones…

Looking for a no-nonsense, privacy friendly email client for Windows 10. I’ve used a very old version of Thunderbird for years, because later versions seemed bloated and introduced unwanted components. The old version is now slowly becoming incompatible.

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SeaMonkey sounds like you may like it.

I’m a fan.

Depends a bit on what features you need.

Probably Thunderbird is on the way again. It was already dead. The problem I always had with Thunderbird was local caching of data. You can switch off a lot (especially when you have IMAP servers) but it still has a lot of background data locally and suddenly when you don’t need it there will be a mess you can’t repair anymore. Don’t know if they work on that now. Thunderbird has also some forks, for instance Betterbird.

In the very most cases I still use Emacs with Gnus on top for more than 20 years. You get a ton of functionality and multiple colors in your messages according to the quoting levels (when you ever had this you won’t miss it anymore). But Emacs keys are something no Windows user can imagine and configuration is also not easy.

Claws Mail is robust but also rather slow and single threaded. I have three mail accounts, when I open Claws it can take two minutes until all the servers and folders are scanned. Has not as many colors like Emacs above but also excellent capabilities of reformating text (also during input) - this is needed when you indeed quote received mails to answer them. Claws Mail allows also some repair actions of destroyed mail inboxes you can’t do with any other program.

The girl uses eM Client. This is very similar to Thunderbird but it’s an independent application. For daily business and no expert users I would recommend this, also when you write HTML mails. This is a commercial application and normally you have to pay. But they also allow to use it for free as long as you don’t have more than two mail accounts. Works good.

I had indeed also a Mutt on Windows. But I can’t recommend it :slight_smile:

Does anyone use BlueMail?


IMHO there is no “best”, only the one feeting your needs and desires :wink:
Very good suggestions here (there is also Mailspring), I suggest to try them all and keep what’s best for you.

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BTW: A good source of ideas for software is always AlternativeTo. You name a software and find alternates to that. If you search for a mail client you hack in “Thunderbird” and find a lot of alternatives for Thunderbird.

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Thanks very much. Trying Seamonkey first as it seems nice and retro!

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Can I ask if you are crasy to use a totally unsecure version of TB under Windows?! Sorry, that freaks me out somehow. That thing is like a browser vieweing stuff sent to you from strangers from the internet, you want that thing updated asap.

Seamonkey might be “sexy” but takes way too long getting security fixes. To be serious: You are at danger using a software which has years between releases. This will someday blow into your face.

All other projects besides TB are way smaller or less good maintained/developed, so TB is the only serious option under Windows. There might be niche clients, but there are very specific in their usecase. TB is the most competent all-purpose mail client which can handle almost everything you throw at it. And if you dig into about:config, you can get the most private/secure Mail Client there is.

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