Best podcast client?

I’ve used Podcast Addict for years on Android, but I can’t get the Premium subscription without connecting to Google. Which are the other clients you guys use and like?

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I’ve been using AntennaPod for a while. It is a good, stable and opensource app with nice features (and an active community on dev side).


Cool, gonna check it out!

I use Nextcloud News, but while it’s a great RSS reader, I can’t really recommend it as a podcast app. It works OK, but it often stops the playback and then does not remember where it left of.

Following advice, I just moved all my podcasts from Nextcloud News to AntennaPod, and it is a superior app for that. Will keep Nextcloud News for text RSS feeds though.

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I’'m using Antenna like @Frelon recommended and liking it. It imported all my podcasts from Addict perfectly and I like the UI.

But it’s great to hear about Nextcloud News because I’ve been looking for something to substitute feedly.


I’ve tried several. For me AntennaPod is the best application. Very stable, streaming or donwload choice, good filters and very complete.

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I love CarCast. It is a very simple app to download and play podcasts, one after the other. It is great for driving, but it’s dated, so sometimes things like Bluetooth play/pause don’t work. I think the F-Droid version is older and buggier than the one in Google Play.

I love PodcastAddict, been using it for 2 years now. It gives you a nice overview, handy controls, automatic backup and does the job well.

Yes, premium is not (yet) available without Google, but the ads don’t bother me too much.

So funny to read that others habe gone the same way linke me :smiley:

So yes, I am an AntennaPod user for about a year and can recommend it.

I’ve been using PodcastAddict for a while and I switched to AntennaPod one year ago. It is really useful and stable.