Best supported device?


which device is best supported (today/tomorrow) using e?
and furthermore which has the best camera image quality?


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I suggest you to choose a device that will be available on Android 10. This way you will be able to keep it for a few years, with updates.

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Indeed the FP3, due to the partnership between the e Foundation and Fairphone + the reparability of the Fairphone 3, is a very good device for long term.

It’s available pre-installed :

For this question, you only can get subjective answers. Because noone really knows which device will be supported how long. Have a look on the actual supported devices, There are some device which are old, very old, like Samsung note 2 and there are missing a lot of ‘new’ devices.

The image quality is hard to say, But on most devices, the photo quality of stock rom is better than on a custom rom.

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This is indeed the the cause of my question. I’ve tested e with my Samsung S6. Unfortunately the Samsung Stock image had a better image quality.

The open question is:
What provides better image quality?

  • A better hardware sensor (like in the newer Samsung devices which are supported by e, like the S9)

  • or maybe better software-camera-support (like hopefully (?) in the FP3) but with lower hardware specs?

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I’m not sure that on fp3 the image quality is so good. Or same as on stock OS. When I remember right, the quality wad also less good on custom rom.

The problem is, that the manufacture are making a lot of hacks to get the best out of their hardware. And the hardware driver are closed sources.

This is what I was told regarding image quality: “Essential Phone, Pixel XL 2, LG G5, OnePlus 5 & 5T, Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S9 & S9+, Xiaomi Mi 6, Mix 2 & 2s & Poco F1 mostly because they have the best ISP (image signal processor) which is found on the best SoC (system on chip) like Snapdragon 800 series & Samsung Exynos equivalents.”