Best syncing app for FP3+ e/ & linux Ubuntu

I have installed Nextcloud for syncing calendar, contacts, files between my FP3+ e/, Ubuntu, and also to migrate these Dbases from old Mac.
I’m struggling with the contacts, some are syncing between Mac and NC, others not, for a reason that I ignore…
And my calendar is very slow to update between phone & computer.
Would you have a better solution, more reliable and user friendly?
I’m a regular user and looking for easy solutions, that don’t require too much IT manipulations…
Thanks a lot,

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Here’s the solution I use:

  1. Get ProtonMail which includes encrypted contacts and a calendar.
  2. For Linux or other desktop OS access ProtonMail via browser
    2 For e, use the Android app.
  3. With this method syncing is not actually required. The browser and apps access the same data.
  4. For added benefit, incorporate Simple Login to not reveal your ProtonMail account email except to friends, etc.
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I use Manjaro, also have a Fp3 should also be able to help. I use Thunderbird and am very happy with the sync of contacts & calendar. With the Thunderbird extensions “TbSync” and “Provider for CalDav & CardDAV” you can sync calendar and contacts well via Thunderbird and Nextcloud too. If I enter something in the Thunderbird calendar, then I only have to update in the supplied calendar from /e/ if necessary.

Also have Protonmail and use the bridge for Thunderbird, but do not use the calendar.


I like the idea of having all the date in 1 place without syncing. Thanks for the suggestion.
So, Proton Mail is better than ecloud?
And I still need to solve the following : my contacts are on Mac & iphone.
iphone has been replaced by FP3+ e/ and Mac OS will be replaced by Ubuntu OS.
I tried to sync contacts through Next Cloud, without success.
How should I transfer my contacts from mac to Proton Mail on my Mac.
ProtonMail is quite more expensive than Tutanota.
Would you know the difference?
And I already have to pay for hosting my website, NextCloud for sharing files, e/ for FP3+
I wish I could have everything in 1 place.
Thanks for your help.

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Thanks a lot for your reply.
Ubuntu is already installed on my spare laptop.
And Thunderbird with TbSync and CalDav + CardDav.
Have no problem with Thunderbird…
The problem is with NextCloud and mainly the Contact sync.
I would love to resolve that.
I’m also interested to regroup all my various external providers in only a couple : web hosting & e-mails, NextCloud, e/ and maybe Protonmail if I choose that one.
Many thanks for your suggestions.

I couldn’t say whether ProtonMail is better than ecloud. And I think they have different use cases. All I can say is that it works for me and for my requirements. It’s great that we have so many options. If my requirements change or if something fits my requirements better in the future, I’m open to re-evaluating.

Contacts can be easily imported into ProtonMail. Here is their statement on how to accomplish:

“CSV files from Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Eudora and some other apps as well as vCard 3.1 and 4.0 formats (UTF-8 encoding) are supported.” It’s the vCard format that works for Apple contacts. Just export all your contacts into one vCard file, then import into ProtonMail.

I’ve used ProtonMail since almost the very beginning of its availability. I’ve heard Tutanota is a good option also. Other than that I can’t comment. As far as cost, the free ProtonMail account may work for you.

Getting everything in one place: I’ve considered setting up a virtual Linux server which would include a mail server but this probably can get expensive and may be overkill for me. However, I do run a Synology server which does have its own VPN server (though I’m not using it) so you could have all your data there and access from almost anywhere securely. Lots of options.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot,
I have installed ProtonMail on my FP3+, as well as Calendar…
I need to get used to it, especially on my desktop, as it’s web-based, and I’m used to iCal… My goal is to leave Apple when ready…
I have seen that it’s also compatible with Thunderbird, which is compatible on many platforms (Linux, Mac, MS…).
Thanks a lot for your recommendations.
Leaving the Gafams is quite stressful, time consuming, and confusing, and also it’s more coherent with my values…
Thanks for your help.

GNOME itself has a card/caldav/webdav integration. Evolution the Mail client picks this up and has good integration itself.

For Files Syncthing is excellent, albeit needs time to figure out on first contact, how you need to enable explicit sharing for ressources per device (also disable global discovery and only use the wifi for sync is a good setting).

With gsconnect / kde-connect you can text from the desktop if you want and get contacts this way.

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Have looked at their website…
Not sure to understand well what need to be installed on the desktop and FP3, in order to test the integration of it…
So, to make it work, I need to install GNOME + Evolution instead of Thunderbird, on desktop (Ubuntu and/or Mac)
As for the FP3+, it’s the native apps mail, calendar and contact, on FP3?
Will search and try…

  • you can configure Thunderbirds adressbook to read carddav too, needs some extension last I checked ( Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV :: Add-ons for Thunderbird ) , there certainly is a howto for this in this forum.
  • KDE can handle carddav natively and it will work in Kmail
  • for Evolution here are some screencaptures: [HOWTO] Sync /e/ calender with Evolution - but as said, when gnome online-accounts has the nextcloud / ecloud address once your Calendars and Addresses will turn up in gnome-contacts / gnome-calendar and Evolution by itself
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Have installed Thunderbird on Mac & Ubuntu, with the add-ons…
It’s connected to my NextCloud acct. (as I don’t have any other option for the moment). And NextCloud has some buggs in syncing Contacts with the Mac… And Calendar is really slow to update apt… What else could I use?
Now, on the FP3+, I installed BirdieSync. But it won’t connect to my NextCloud acct. And it’s supposed to be installed on a PC. I only have a Mac or Ubuntu.
Any alternative to BirdieSync for Mac, Ubuntu with FPE+ .e?