Best way to backup app settings for specific apps and restore to another device?

I have two /e/OS devices. A Galaxy Tab S5e (WiFi model) and a OnePlus 6T.

I have two applications which used to work fine on both devices with microg. (Hulu and DC Universe Infinite). But now after recently wiping the OnePlus 6T I can no longer re-authenticate the apps to login with microg. They continue to work fine on the GalaxyTab S5e were they have already been authenticated previously.

These apps work fine with the same credentials on the web, and I am using BitWarden to manage the passwords. So I know the credentials are identical.

I believe something has changed about these apps which breaks authentication with microg. But if still logged in they otherwise work fine.

I am wondering since these apps are still logged in on my GalaxyTab S5e that there might be some way of migrating the settings for these apps over. Such that they will already be authenticated.


While adb backup didn’t work with the apps in question. (There was is a flag apps can set to be exempt from this.) I was able to to do an “adb pull /data/data/” from one device and then do an adb push to the other. Which restored the application settings. Using a root adb session.


You can also check for any /data/user/0/ and/or /data/user_de/0/ files :wink:


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