Best way to read email / calender from google (work) without google apps?

/e/ is built as:
Your data is YOUR data!

Google is built as:
Your data is OUR data!
Thou shalt have no other gods beside me

If it doesn’t work with iCAL (and I’m not surprised Google is putting a stop to this either) then I don’t see any way you can get it to work.
The logical thing would be to do without Google services and choose a provider that provides mail, calendar and contacts and offers standard protocols like WEBCAL, WEBDAV, CARDDAV and CLADAV…
A managed or selfhosted nextcloud or a provider like oder posteo for example.

yes, I know. And I am aware that it’s not /e/ 's job to clean up the mess that google creates by not impementing webdav standards or by over-carefully protecting accounts by checking phone-identification. But sometimes, e.g. at workplace, one is not able to make technology decisions but must comply with whatever is being used by others. So l still think it’s helpful if interested users with similar situation can read up on this topic. And who knows, maybe there is a solution just around the corner.

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Same problem here.
I’m afraid I have to equip myself with telephones, 1 for work activities and the other (/ e / OS) for the private sector.
I hope there is another solution.