Better camera for e/

Would it be possible to get better camera at some point in e/ ?

I am using an Oneplus 6 and is not able to record in slow motion. Keep crashing the app and also change the size of the icons in the main page of the phone. Weird.

Also I have try to install oos camera , and impossible to use it.

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you will not be able to use oos camera on any other ROM than oos. And even there, only the compatible versions.
Maybe try Google Camera …i’m not sure how integrated is in google services, or if it uses trackers.


Is a way to know about the trackers nad so on?

It is sad that we need to install the Google Camera app on a deGoogled phone only to get the best of the camera…

Yes. Is a shame. I cant find another way

Same for me, I tried many alternatives (Including A Better Camera, Footej, …) but only Google Camera gives a good result on Fairphone 3.

/e/ can never compete against google regarding camera apps, Google uses tons of $$ and resources to create good camera apps. Its not the hardware that creates good quallity pictures, the software is the biggest part nowadays. I also use Google mod. /e/ needs camera mod guys.