Better documentation

I found documentation and resources very hard to find.
I just bought a refurbished Galaxy S7 with different issues and specially one that is very anoying being no detection of the jack connection (it might be hardware but I can of doubt it because LesserAudio Switch makes my headset works very nicely)
and a dramatic echo for the remote caller (he can hear himself a lot) which is a problem that is present since 1 year and is very annoying as my phone is mainly a phone to me.
I would love to find more documentation on where to find release for herolte, what version of Android is /e/ v,0.08, v0.10, v0.11 what baseband should I install for which version, where are previous release…
I don’t know why but my phone was installed with a baseband for Android 8 with an android 7.1.2 release.

All that to conclude that I’ve tried reinstalling with automatic installation tool but It reinstall the same version as before whitout knowing what was install at all.

So it would be nice to have documentaion with link to different release with some clear description of which version is what, what baseband version has been tested with (which could be completed by the users)

This /e/ android is very nice, but without a bit more documentation it’s very hard to even install from scratch my phone again easilly while I know how to use odin or other stuff like that.

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You can find the documentation site for /e/ here
We need to add a link to the site on the forum main page.

Hi @kiwy_e,
welcome to this forum,

The documentation linked became consequente,
you can also use the search bar on the top of this page.
Look in your device /settings /about the phone /android version
Do you know samfirmtool ?

Didn’t know about SamFirmTool,
I’m not familiar with galaxy s7 device specially, and having no baseband reference, no clear release match
e 0.11 = android ?
e 0.10 = android ?
I don’t know if this should only belong in the gitlab maybe but even there I wasn’t able to find a simple answer.
I wanted to flash my device with an android 8 release and had to try every zip file from which is a hard to find link.

Anyway /e/ is a great idea, so far I’m glad this exists.

You can find this information is on your device :
/settings /about the phone /android version
OR dial


This code shows the PDA and phone firmware information such as AP, CP and CSC version.


All builds you link since 2020.04.16 are labelled « o » witch means Oreo

This link is on the main page of /e/project : it is stipulate « download and try »