Beware! Updating to 2.1 on GS290 left me with factory settings. All and any data lost!

I have just updated from 1.18 to 1.19 to 1.20 … and ultimately to v.2.1 stable GS290

That latter update forced me to return to factory settings, which I had to do and did, and I have LOST ALL AND ANY DATA !
Apps, Threads, SMS, Photos - ALL GONE !
Data on SIM card: also gone, as far as I can see (but cannot believe)

I do have a Murena account, but that is only part of my data (and does not include or save my apps).

I use a Gigaset GS290, purchased from and preinstalled by

Beware, and do not update.

why have done that when go direct to the latest without dataloss is recommanded ?
/e/OS build : S community
/e/OS build : S stable
also please :

Because the message on the screen suggested that I update to 1.19.

When done, another message suggested to then update to 1.20.
When done, yet another message suggested to then update to 1.21
… and so forth, until I had reached 2.1.
I did simply follow those messages.

Who has said or written that I should “go direct to the latest” to avoid dataloss?
Where can I find that recommendation?
Were I supposed to go there and search for recommendations?
Or were I not simply entitled to click on the button which invites me to update, and fear nothing.

Also, what mechanism has caused to what I perceive as a reformatting of the SIM card.
A few things were stored there. Who/what was/is bold enough to erase that?!

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I had an update on Google Pixel 5 (redfin) today from /e/OS-T V1.21 to V2.1.

The Updater app initially only delivered an OTA update to V2.0, although I manually requested an update dozens of times. Only when V2.0 ‘stable’ was installed did the updater offer an OTA update to /e/OS-T V2.1. Fortunately, this was successful without any further incidents.

I was able to experience this with another update:

All data was destroyed.

Dear Fellow Xxpsilon, try and stay calm, and don’t freak out like I did today, in my tiny private place.

I trust that some interested developer will have a look into it.

All others:
Do save BACKUPs (on a different machine) before you update (or, better not update until the issue is resolved.
(What about all your apps: can they all be backup’d?)

Dear @VierZeller, hope dies last!

The data loss didn’t really affect me because my Redmi Note 8T is not a daily driver.

What does affect me, however, is that as a /e/ user I can no longer have unrestricted trust in a functioning /e/ update, because I have had to experience several update failures, especially in the days since the release of version 2.0 and 2.1. Errors like the one I am experiencing now were the exception and not the rule.

Sadly, you can’t have any kind of trust in functioning major OS or software updates on any device to start with.
Sometimes /e/OS can be educational without even trying to be.

This is the way :+1:.

Personally, I’ve never trusted any major updates. Whether on Windows, Linux, Android or any other system or programme. I always back up my data before installing them.
For information with e/os and my S7 since 2019 I’ve only had two major problems, the last one when I upgraded to V 2.0 where my SD card got corrupted.B
Have a nice day!

The feedback in this thread has been passed to the development team, especially the build and testing teams. The weird thing about this is that the QA or build team or the GS290 I was testing did not face this issue. Just goes to show that two different device’s same make or model can react differently with the same update. Which makes this feedback all the more valuable.

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