Beyond2lte Galaxy S10 + Plus : No Wifi / Wifi keeps turning off after fresh installation from Stock

Hi together. Today i successfully installed latest E-OS through latest TWRP recovery- Everythings working fine, except i cannot turn on Wifi, it just keeps turning off before even asking about a passphrase or SSID.

Version used: e-1.15-s-20230916331435-dev-beyond2lte

The issue is probably that the phone was on Android 11 and i directly updated to Android 12 e/os.

Do i have to install stock 12 rom now through odin - Will i loose my recovery. welp. thanks a lot for any tips.

EDIT: I also have a full TWRP Backup. Could i restore it Form there, update to 12 stock and then reinstall e-os? - Or maybe just installiert e os 11 and then update to EOS 12 through the integrated update process. Little bit lost here, thabks for any suggestions.

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I am not certain what you mean by that phrase, but with Android 20 (T) firmware will be packed with the /e/OS ROM, but that is not available for Android 12 (S).

You probably noticed that Android 11 (R) was discontinued several months ago.

You are probably correct that your wifi issue could very well be the result of installing /e/OS Android 12 (S) over manufacturer Android 11 (R).

When manufacturer Android 12 (S) is available this is what must be used under /e/OS Android 12 (S) because /e/OS will rely on that firmware.

You should really flash the whole Samsung ROM with ODIN, unless you really know how to flash the firmware selectively. Installing TWRP will be much easier the second time ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. So i did a Odin flash of stock android 12 and went from there to e os. I got the same problem at first with the wifi - turned out that that booting into the stock rom after twrp installation messed up the e os install. I did it to check if twrp install was sucessful but it somehow also hindered the e os installation - after formatting again and installing it went away.

Working fine now, i still got a lot of battery drain it seems to me - i expectrd more than 12 hours of battery life but i have no comparison, it’s a used phone and i didn’t waste my time with the official os. Maybe i will install another custom rom to see if it’s e os related.

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