Big Blue Button


Have you managed to use Big Blue Button with an /e/ phone? I tried with the native browser in listen only mode and it does not work (I hit the listen-only button but it does not disappear).

(I know some colleagues who use BBB on a GAndroid phone.)

I haven’t. Whereas for Jitsi the Android app is recommended, BigBlueButton should just work out of the browser:

What browser did you try to use?

As mentioned above, I tried to use the native /e/ browser.

  • When I try microphone mode, I get an error 1004 and
  • when I try listen only mode, the permission for microphone is asked (this is strange but I get the same on desktop with Firefox and it finally works as expected) then nothing happens…

With Firefox browser from /e/ app store BBB works.

I have tried to use BBB on Windows with Firefox, and it did not work, with the same behavior and error than with /e/ integrated Bromite. The error may be related to WebRTC. On Firefox/Linux it works perfectly.

To be continued…

For information, the problem on Firefox/Windows was solved by “repairing” Firefox (I think it is an equivalent to re-installing it).