Big delay when recieving mail

Is it just me or is there really a big delay on receiving mail? I have my gmail account forward mail to my murena account and it takes ages for it to appear in the murena inbox.


Email services doesn’t come with any guarantee of delivery or delay, never, nowhere.
Maybe gmail is greylisted at Murena, or maybe Google is just slow to send forwarded emails…

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Same things for me since few days

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Same here. I taught it might have been because of the Nextcloud upgrade of last night but I’m not really sure why because that was only a few hours in the middle of the night

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I am experiencing the same issues currently - but in my case it is also bit tricky because it is time sensitive. I am trying to log-in to Discord → which triggers a “location unknown - please verify via email it is you” message → which then takes quite some time to reach my murena /e/ email :slightly_frowning_face:
It’s something like 7+ minutes in between and by the time it appears in my inbox - when i click it - it says “IP authorization link expired” which makes this delay bit problematic.

Hopefully it is just a temporary “hiccup” - however judging from the posts here it seems like it is something persistent for 20+ days. While for most situations this delay would be acceptable i guess … there are such verify/login situations like this one where i think it’s quite problematic.
Curious what some other people think and if there is a way to improve this ? Please let me know if i can provide some more information in case it could be helpful.

Also - thank you for all the great and hard work and happy new 2023 :rocket:

I have exactly the same problem, and opened issue #6259.

No way to improve this on user side, must be done by a email server admin.
BTW there is a job opening for this: Mail server administrator… (sorry, not enough free time here :frowning: ).

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Thank you @smu44 for your reply and for reporting that issue to the /e/ team. Do you know if there is a way I could “vote up” or somehow support it so that it becomes more visible ?

You can vote up, once connected to GitLab.
I don’t know other way to speed up the process (they are 1207 issues opened at this time…).

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ok thank you - i will join gitlab and try to upvote / comment there.

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