Big thank you to /e/ team

Hello /e/ team,
I wanted to write this email yesterday, on the eve of thanks giving day, but unfortunately couldn’t. Nevertheless better late be never. A big thank you to every single person who has been associated with the project. People have been associated with the project in various capacities–programmers, translators, administrators, funders, etc. A truly global team united with a common purpose and societal goal. A remarkable project indeed!
It would have really required mettle for the early founders of the project to kick start this project. History is replete with big names failing to create an alternate platform to Android and iOS. We can’t stop of thinking about the fates of big names like BB, Cyanogen mod-- ugh, wanted to put bullet in google’s head–Windowsmobile, Ubuntu touch, etc,. Not to mention that most of these people were visionary in their own ways.
I have been following this project very closely from its early funding days. Though I was behind the project in every possible way within my means, I never expected the project to see the kind of success and appreciation that it has received. /e/'s approach has been very distinct when compared to some of the other competition. Its simplicity and practicality has amused me since its early days. The approach clubbed with the timing, I would say, resulted in the success. I know the founders ambitions are far greater than where the project stands today and i don’t have an iota of doubt about his and project’s success.
Since yesterday I have been using the os in my one plus x phone and today I installed in OP5T. To me it was a kind of low level litmus test for me to understand how simple it is for me to move from one device to another without worrying about data loss. It worked like a charm. I am one of the mom and pop @GaelDuval has always been talking about for the mass adoption of this project. It has been really smooth and flawless.
I still have myriad small issues which continue to act as minor irritants. I am not happy with default pdf reader provided; I miss Google sheets, Keep, Maps, etc. But I always knew what I was stepping in to. My dream is to have a os fully with open source apps. I dream of a day when I can have /e/store where we can have quality open source apps and with the very important option of monetization. Free in the sense of free beer has always annoyed me and i believe for long term sustenance of any project economic stability is important.
I thank the team and community and wish all of you success.


A big thank you for your warm support message. We need this!
The road is still long but I’m also very pleased about what we have
accomplished in one year.
Let’s raise the project to a higher level now!



As a note, this is still Android. It is based on LineageOS, which is made from Google’s “Android Open Source Project”. LineageOS does not try a de-google it, it is meant to be still used with google apps. That is where this project comes in, they remove the Google calls that were still left it and add in the other stuff to make the phone work without the “Google Apps”